It's going to be permanent, so it pays to get it right: you really don't want to bend it like Beckham! We'll spell it right, make it look great and, of course, it will be absolutely unique.


All you need to do is make sure your tattooist is happy to ink someone ele's design, talk to us about what you have in mind and wait for the ideas to come through.


It's usually best to meet up to discuss the design, so get in touch to arrange a meeting.


Prices start from



Lower left: Tattoo design in progress.


Most tattooists will offer highly skilful and artistic freehand work, a range of pre-designed tattoos or both. If you want something specific though, we can design it to fit your vision.


Your tattooist will be able to make a body-transfer (sometimes called a stencil) from our design, apply it to your skin and ink over it.  This is still highly skilful work and your tattooist will know how to apply shading and other effects to make it look better than any tattoo you can pick off the wall in a waiting room.


Please get in touch to discuss

your design.




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